Model: UN 816.3 KT.45P

16 LPM 15 Torr LABOPORT® Mini Vacuum Pump w/Adj. Valve & Vacuum Gauge

  • Oil-free diaphragm pump
  • Long, trouble-free life
  • Ideal for use with extremely aggressive gases
  • Gastight (leakage rate ~6 x 10-3 mbar x L/s)
  • Suitable for a wide range of lab applications
  • Includes installed gauge and regulator package
This pump is suitable for the following applications :
  • Rotary Evaporation
  • Centrifugal Concentration
  • Degassing
  • Desiccation
  • Filtration
  • Fluid Aspiration
  • Gel Drying
  • Solid Phase Extraction
  • Vacuum Ovens
The KNF LABOPORT Mini series of oil-free diaphragm vacuum pumps offer exceptional reliability and performance for a wide range of laboratory applications. These easy-to-use, compact, and quiet pumps are a welcome addition to any lab. Their patented multiport valves tolerate occasional wet vapors and droplets without damage or loss of performance. With a durable, maintenance-free design, LABOPORT Mini pumps provide extended, trouble free performance for busy labs and academic settings.
This pump includes an installed vacuum gauge and regulator package for convenient control over vacuum processes.
Always check chemical compatibility for the chemicals that come into contact with your pump.
LABOPORT Mini Vacuum Pump Testimonial

Our wide range of research projects covers the whole spectrum of chemistry and as a result we use a lot of ether. Its fumes are, of course, very soluble and over half would end up down the drain with water aspirators.We needed to find a better method to increase our solvent recovery yield. Based upon conversations with colleagues in university and industrial research laboratories we learned that KNF pumps had a good reputation, and therefore, chose them for our labs. Not only have they proved to be very quiet, but, more importantly, they have helped us to significantly increase our solvent recovery yield to more than 98 percent. These pumps have been extremely well received by both our undergraduate students and our scientific researchers.

- Dr. Ken Siolo, Scientist, University of Rochester Department of Chemistry

  • Gas Flow Rate, L/min (CFM)16 (0.6)
  • Ultimate Vacuum, Torr (mbar)15 (20)
  • Max Continuous Operating Pressure, psig (bar)7.4 (0.5)
  • Weight, lbs. (kg)8.7 (3.95)
  • Connection Tubing ID, in. (mm)1/4 (6)
  • Permissible Gas and Ambient Temp Range, °C5 to 40 °C
  • Pump HeadPPS
  • DiaphragmPTFE-coated
  • ValvesFFPM
  • Dimensions L x H x W, in. (mm)14.2 x 5.6 x 3.5 (361 x 141 x 90)
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